VCE Productions - Corporate Portraits

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As a business with proficiency in mind, you know that finding the right productions team to tell your story is crucial. Here at VCE, we are able to produce visually stunning portraits and headshots on location or in our Nashville studio. But what about when your team structure inevitably changes? We provide a service that fluctuates with you. When it comes to business group shots, we are able to take multiple images and composite them together. This means that if you were to lose a team member, your group shot would not have to be retaken. We simply remove the person in the layered file, and you’d never tell. This also works the other way: if you were to take on a new team member, we need only to create a single image and join them seamlessly to your team’s main shot. We’re committed to providing a service that works to save you time, money, and headaches. With VCE it couldn’t be easier.