Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Video Production Company

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While video production is a craft and task needed by many companies, it needs plenty of skills to work on and process. There are multiple challenges when it comes to doing the work, and through the pandemic, finding companies that were willing to work in person was a challenge.

After filming, most editors handle a majority of the work, remotely or through various machines and software to edit and work on post-production. Depending on the scale of the project, this part can take a significant amount of time. They would mention their timelines to their clients to be in a better position to understand when they would complete their project.

We learned that people were unsure about the specifics when picking a video production company. We thought we would compile a list to keep our clients informed and help them select the right team.

When finding a video production company, make sure you pick one you are happy with, especially with its costs as steep as they are. Working with a company that handles mediocre work would be a complete waste. You want to make sure they match your style and vision, so they give you the product you are looking for. Here are some of the pointers to stay on the lookout for.

1. Professionalism
When working with a video production company, professionalism is essential. The way a film crew speaks and acts reflects the values and character of that company as a whole. Professionalism also lends itself to a feeling of safety and trust and civility in working through differences. With trust comes the feeling that the company isn’t merely competent but reliable. Some companies walk the line between professionalism and casual, but it should match the client’s requirements. 

2. Full line of service
We’ve worked with clients who simply want us to film something. We’ve worked with clients who only want us to edit their existing footage. We are fine with both of these approaches and, of course, we’re happy to do it, but most of our clients prefer a one-stop-shop. They come to us for pre-production, so we help visualize their story and figure out their marketing strategies at the back end. From there, we can script, shoot, edit, provide photography, voice-over, aerial videography, etc. We also have an in-house studio to film interviews or record podcasts. Life gets much less complicated when you can make one call, have one point of contact, and get everything done that you need, going from script to screen. Working with a company that has everything under one roof makes coordination easier. Additionally, there are challenges about whether they can maintain the same style in all the processes they handle, and if the team is part of the same company with the same people, that should not be an issue.

3. Price
For most companies, price is a concern. Is it worth it? What will my return on investment be? Every video company you work with will be different. Some will be cheaper, but often the work suffers. Others will provide footage and an end product that blows audiences away, but their price point is astronomical. So before selecting a video production company to work with, it’s important to think through not just what you can afford but what you want. You should clarify what you are getting and at what cost because there are times when they mention the finished product and state that there were various parts of it, billed separately. The issue usually takes place when they are working with external teams.

4. Good communication
Most of us have been around or worked with people we don’t like. Perhaps they’re good at their job, but the situation is awkward. Do they seem to care? Do they communicate well? A good hang is an idea that if you have to be on set with strangers all day, are they at least fun to hang out with? Do they ask good questions? Do they seem interested in you and your company, or is it just another job for them to get through? Make sure you hire a team that’s kind, fun, and easy to work with. Through the pandemic, although we do not meet and interact as much as in the past, we coordinate online and spend more time on calls, which is why the experience of dealing with someone should be fun.

5. Quality
A video production company can talk all day about the work they’ve done for other companies. They can talk about the beauty of their cinematic vision. They can talk about their competitive pricing. But at the end of the day, is the quality of their work something that impresses you? Is the quality of their work something that will impress your clients and make it easy for you to market? Price is an important thing to consider when coming up with your marketing budget, but quality work is what your end-user will look at when evaluating your company. To find a quality video production company that will do quality work that you can be proud of, go through their past work. Additionally, make sure they match your budget and the quality that you are looking for.

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