A Handbook To The Services Offered At VCE Productions

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Due to the compelling evidence that video marketing works, more businesses are adopting video as a core marketing tool. This makes it a little more difficult for your content to stand out from the crowd, no matter how original you may regard it to be. The key to cutting through the clutter is to choose the right video production company. A video production company can make all the difference in the style and effectiveness of your final video. You might have an idea of the concept, purpose, and overall look of your video, but a video production agency will have all the tools to make your vision come to life.

At VCE Productions, we possess the required experience and have a great standing in our community. Moreover, we are more than just a video production company. From pre-production to post-production, our team of skilled technicians and storytellers can assist you in bringing any idea to life. To learn all about what we have to offer, we have put together a handbook for the video production services we provide. Keep reading to see some of the incredible pre-production and post-production services we have to offer.

1. Videography
We offer high-quality, cinematic-looking video that helps our clients better tell their stories. From pre-production to post-production, our team of skilled technicians and storytellers can assist you in bringing any idea to life. Whether it’s an interview, book trailer, music video, real estate video, testimonial, or commercial, we are here to serve. It is our goal to incorporate our expertise and innovation into every video project, no matter the size.

2. Editing
The editing stage is the stage where you can make or break your video. This is where all the content you have comes together in a meaningful way. This is where you bring together disparate clips into a cohesive story. We take the video we shoot and cut it to tell compelling stories for our clients. But not only that, we are happy to take video from other sources and piece it together to assist you.

3. Drone or aerial video
We can also capture video and stills from a birds-eye-view. Sometimes we do this for real estate companies, construction crews, etc. And sometimes, we do it just because it looks cool and can help set our clients’ videos apart. Our expertise in aerial technology, coupled with our creative skills, allows us to capture beautiful videos and photos for you. Not only are we insured, but we are also licensed and in full compliance with all federal regulations as pertains to UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles).

4. Photography
Our focus is to create imagery that differentiates you from the over-saturated visual market. We believe strong images make a vital impact on your business and following. Our team is dedicated to producing work that will reinforce your brand, create shots that best sell your product, capture the essence of your services, or give your employees the professional appearance they need. Our photographer loves shooting on-site or in our studio. We excel at headshots, candids, events, architecture, and the list goes on. Moreover, with our expertise in photo editing software, we can make your photos pop!

5. Studio
Our studio space is made up of a white cycle wall, great for shooting clean images and videos. We also have a huge black curtain to pull around the space to give a different background option. When we’re not shooting video or photos in the studio, our clients use it for podcasting. Our studio offers the perfect space for capturing your audio and video content in an efficient and effective way. 

How to make the most of our services

a. Have reasonable expectations
We love to work quickly and efficiently. However, some clients want some requirements done “yesterday.” So while we pride ourselves on putting out great work in a timely manner, we also trust you will plan in advance to give us the time needed to produce work they are truly happy with and within a realistic timeframe.

b. Do not go for the cheapest option
We are not the most expensive video production house in the area, nor are we the cheapest. You must be willing to pay a proper wage for excellent work. So think ahead, ask questions, budget accordingly, and expect solid work.

c. Make sure you’re prepared
The more prepared you are, the quicker and more smoothly a project will go. We’re happy to come up with concepts and ideas for you. But if you have ideas you’ve already workshopped and decided upon, that only makes the process go quicker and also saves some of the cost of pre-production.

If you are looking for a video production company in Nashville, TN, reach out to us at VCE Productions. We are a creative video production company working hard to create beautiful images that help tell your story. It is our goal to incorporate our expertise and innovation into every video project, no matter the size. But that’s not all.

We also offer photography on-site or inside our studio. Our studio includes a white cyc/infinity wall and can be rented out for video projects, photography, or even turned into a podcast recording studio. On top of that, we have a whisper room for recording voice-overs. We offer voice-over lessons, VO coaching, and voice-over demo productions. Our services include video production, aerial videography, photography services, voice-over production, podcast production, and photography and podcast studio rentals.

To learn more about the services we offer, please click here. If you have a question, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.