How To Video Market On A Budget

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Video marketing is becoming popular due to changing social trends, which has helped several businesses improve their conversion rate and experience better engagement with their consumers. Despite the potential of video marketing strategies, many companies shy away from creating video content as it has a reputation for being expensive to produce.

However, the reality is that you, as a brand owner, can tap into this video content perspective without burning a hole in your pocket. To help you with this, VCE Productions have broken down the process of creating videos for marketing on a budget. Read on to learn to see what you need to do.

Prepare a plan
The more you think things through before your video shoot, the more money you’ll save. For example, think about your concept, who your audience is, and what your message is. When you have an idea of these things, you can put a concept into place, prepare a plan, and save money during pre-production.

Get the right location
Consider what is more cost-effective when it comes to the shooting location. Check the pricing and see if it is cheaper to film in a studio or have a video production company film in your office. You could also consider the costs of filming at some neutral ground where you wouldn’t have to pay a location fee.

Look for affordable on-screen talent
Think about whether you need a spokesmodel to be in your video. No doubt a professional actor will be more poised on camera, but they come at a price. If someone in your company could do the acting or read the lines, consider them instead of hiring outside talent. But make sure that the person you choose for the job has a bit of charisma and won’t mind being on camera.

Determine what’s needed for the shoot
There are certainly some aspects that your video will need and some that you can let go of. For example, is an explosion really necessary? A car chase? Or even a crowd scene? If it is, then go for it! If not, think through some ways to scale down your shoot.

Cut down on the edits
People love looking at fancy special effects, fast-moving graphics, quick cuts, and exciting music. If this best sells your brand, then stick with that. But something more straightforward could also work well. So try to consider this and think through what you want the final product to look like. The more time spent in post-production, the higher the cost.

Market your video content well
Once you’ve got your video and you’ve done it within budget, you will need to account for a few extra marketing dollars to get your video out to the world. Make sure you’ve also budgeted for commercials and targeted ads. If your budget is small, no worries! Do your homework beforehand, know your audience well, and only put marketing dollars toward the ad space that gives you the most bang for your buck.

What should you focus on the most?
Definitely the conceptualization period! The more time you put forth, the less time a production company will need to put in, saving you money. You need to know your audience and write your own script. Also, audiences have certain expectations these days as to what looks good and professional. Try to understand what they want to see, and then recreate it in your content. You want your production team to use solid cameras, excellent lighting, good sound, etc., for the shoot. So make sure the professional can provide you with this.

And finally, make sure your production company can deliver the high quality you’re looking for without breaking the bank. Most people want a professional video done on time and within budget. This makes reliability vital when looking for a production professional.

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