Making It Through COVID

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With a series of national lockdowns and a large population of people staying at home during the COVID pandemic, the amount of content consumed was rapidly increasing. The change brought to the forefront the giant use for production companies and the work that they were doing.

Production companies provide the physical basis for works in the fields of performing arts, media art, film, television, radio, comics, interactive arts, video games, websites, and video. Production teams include technical staff who produce media. Generally, the term refers to all individuals responsible for the technical aspects of creating a particular product, in every phase of the work of putting the art together. They can include directors, producers and the teams coordinating the editing, writing, scripting and other changes all involved in creating the finished product.

When it comes to our specific business, there were a lot of changes we went through. We foresee the months to come being quite different, with us implementing a lot of changes. We did, however, use the opportunity to pick up more work in the digital realm, with us working on a lot of editing projects, lately. We have still been able to tell our clients’ stories, but a lot of it now has been through videos heavily featuring text and voice-over. However, over the next few months, as things slowly start re-opening, we’ll get back to doing more and more in-person video shoots.

Fortunately for us, there haven’t been massive disruptions. Most of us have moved to remote working or working from home. The transition hasn’t been bad at all with much of our work requiring video editing, which we can do remotely.

We have been answering a lot more phone calls, zoom chats, and texting to get things done. Emails have always been and will continue to be relevant, and we get through them every day. We do not focus on the medium. Our focus has been on communicating with our clients, and always being open to adapting to their requirements.

Overall, throughout the pandemic, we were working remotely, and we do not plan on changing that at least in the short term. More than for our clients, remote working was challenging for us as well, especially when there are kids around. It has improved the amount of time I spend with the family, which has generally been great as I save a lot of time I would have spent stuck in traffic.

We love meeting in-person with clients, but we are staying away from those as much as possible. Furthermore, face-to-face meetings have slowed as well, and we are happy to meet up, though we will mandatorily wear masks and use a lot of hand sanitizer. We make sure that the people we are meeting are following all the rules and regulations set up to keep everyone safe, including maintaining the right amount of social distancing.

On the flip side, we are happy with having meetings via video conferencing. Sometimes things get lost in translation in emails. Body language and nuance, to name a couple. Video conferencing helps with really getting to know our clients’ needs and making sure we’re on the same page.

During this COVID time, we would like to tell everyone out there to please know that even though times are tough, we are still here for you. We would love to hear about your next project idea. Or if you don’t want to talk business, we’re here to listen and serve in whatever way we can. When so many are alone or struggling, remember, we are always around to chat and lend a helping hand.

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