A Beginner’s Guide To Marketing Your Business

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When working on ways to market your business, internet marketing can seem overwhelming for those just getting started. Part of the battle is having to decide how digital marketing will fit into your overall marketing strategy. A creative and engaging video is a sure-shot way of growing your business and increasing your brand presence. A compelling video can draw in your audience and help deliver a powerful message to them. 

VCE Productions wants to help you think through ways in which video can be used not only to promote but also to grow your business to reach and influence a wider audience. This is why we have created a beginner’s guide to marketing your business to understand how a well-done video can take your business places.  

Getting Started

Invest in marketing your business: Growing up in a small town, I remember seeing cheesy commercials for local car dealerships. Maybe they hired professionals to shoot and edit these videos, or maybe not. A particular car dealer I remember seemed to love using his kids in the commercials. And as cute as they might have been, actors they were not. 

The sun was always too bright on their faces, the music was always goofy, and nothing about the commercial inspired a desire to ever work with these folks. These points were very obvious, and it looked like the work of an amateur. Is that the image you want for your business? Hiring a true professional can help a potential client focus on you, your product, and your professionalism.

Think of a unique approach: Start thinking through what sets you apart from your competitors. You need to have a very clear idea of what your brand is before you start work. Your unique visual identity includes a lot of aspects such as your social media, web design, and even the type of language, fonts, and colors you will use on your website. Once you’ve got a good idea, bring on a marketing company or video production company. They are the ones who will help you think through how you can get your message across to potential clients, get a video marketing campaign going, and truly grow your business. 

Next Steps

Hire a professional: Employing a professional will free up your time to actually run your business. You will also benefit from the insight and expertise of a professional. When you hire a video production company or marketing firm, you benefit from the whole team’s expertise. You can come with ideas of your own, or they can help you come up with some. Be willing to listen and follow the lead of the professionals who have been doing this for years.

Trust the process: Hiring a professional video production company will ensure not only the quality of the videos and pictures but also access to professional cameras, tripods, and other equipment needed to get the perfect shot. They also have the necessary knowledge to understand lighting and sound. Most importantly, they have excellent post-production skills. Trust those that you hire for help and trust their process.

Plan a budget: Put together a prioritized list of focus areas such as a video, social media campaign, etc. Then carry out some research and put together an estimated budget for each channel. Anybody can hire their nephew who just graduated film school for really cheap. And sure, an iPhone can get the job done, but will it look and sound professional? A lot of times, it’s best to go with the mantra, “You gotta spend money to make money.”

Advice From The Pros

Take a step to be actively involved: When investing a large amount of money into corporate videos, make sure you also plan on investing time in it. Get to know the folks you hire for your video/social needs. In-person meetings are always the best. But, during COVID-19, that obviously becomes more difficult. Even so, getting to know who you work with will only help with trust and communication. Thus, they will be able to get a more precise understanding of what your vision is and execute the shoot to match your vision perfectly, maybe even enhancing the final product with their expertise and skills. 

Keep an open mind:  You are working with a video production company for a reason. Maybe you have great ideas, or maybe not. A fresh set of eyes could benefit your brand from an outsider’s perspective. This could give you the opportunity to shake things up, pivot your strategy, or fill in knowledge gaps. Be willing to listen to the pros, your experience, and the final product will be better for it. 

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